Avera Executive Vice President Speaks on Panel at BoyarMiller Real Estate Forum

HOUSON — (January 30, 2018) — The BoyarMiller Real Estate Forum was held on January 30, 2018 and John Nicholson, Executive Vice President of Development at Avera, was asked to speak on this years panel, along with other influential leaders in the real estate sector including Jonathan Brinsden, CEO of Midway Companies; Jimmy Hinton, managing director and head of research at HFF; and Chris Hanslik, chairman of BoyarMiller. 

There was much optimism expressed about the city’s real estate markets and overwhelmingly our panel of experts believe that this is a good time for the industry,” said Chris Hanslik, chairman of BoyarMiller. Our attendees were encouraged by the positive news and they appreciated the insights from three leaders involved in the research, development and transactions that fuel this important sector of Houston’s economy.”

Nicholson impressed upon the audience that 2017 was a great” year for industrial real estate and that we will be seeing continual growth for 2018 along with a race to identify new sites for development. 

The explosion in square footage is a result of our population growth, the oil and gas industry before the downturn, and the expansion of the Panama Canal that caused shippers to change their routes and come through the Port of Houston,” said Nicholson.

He also cited the impact of new or expanded petrochemical plants that are coming on line to produce resins that are manufactured and processed in Houston for export.

With the plants we have here, Houston has become a Mecca center for export of polyethylene and polyurethane feed stock and that has resulted in growth at the Port of Houston,” said Nicholson. We will see this growth continuing next year as new plants are just coming into production.”

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